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December 20, 2018

1. Health is 80% what you eat.

2. Don't count calories, count chemicals.

3. Water is the best form of hydration.

4. Healthy fats increase endurance and energy.

5. Sports drinks = Sugar & toxins. Make your own.

6. Commercial Protein powders & bars = Toxins.

7. At every meal, eat a fat + carb + 20 grams of protein.

8. An...

November 10, 2018

1. Don't let you knees go over your toes on squats and lunges.

2. Jogging strengthens your legs.

3. Pilates gives you long, lean muscles.

4. Focus on heart rate, sweating, and calories burned to optimise fat loss.

5. Squats are bad for your knees.

6. Heavy weights will make you bulky.

7. Use light weight for toning.


September 12, 2018

Cardio circuit that can be done anytime, anywhere, with no equipment. 20 x seconds of each exercise, with minimal recovery in between and 2 minutes recovery in between sets.

August 3, 2018


Try not to worry about it.

One day isn't going to make much difference to your progress.

Get back to the plan tomorrow.

Acknowledge what triggered the poor eating and come up with a plan for next time.


Don't beat yourself up about it.

Don't think 'F*ck it' and eat everything in sight until your insides hurt.


July 31, 2018

The key to eating healthy?

Avoid anything that has a TV commercial.


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Shin Splints. Prevention & Recovery for Distance Runners.

February 25, 2018

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