30 Day Fat Loss Training

This fat loss training plan is designed to help you shred fat & get in shape in under 30 days.

The program isn't easy. It's simplistic, but very effective.

So effective that you will lose a minimum of 11 lbs and or 1-3 mid section inches by the end of your the program.

*Providing you stick to your side of the deal.


With a nutritional plan & training to follow in your own time, plus random fitness tests to keep you on your toes; literally.

30 Day Program.

16 x 60 minute structured sessions over a 30 day period: £800.

All Packages Include:

Initial fitness & lifestyle assessment with goal setting.

Dietary analysis & nutritional advice & ongoing support.

Before & After pictures.

Body fat measurements.

Random fitness testing. (When you least expect it.)

Additional program to follow in own time.

24 hour email / text support.

*All packages must be paid in full before the first session begins. 

Payment secures your slots.

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